About us

         Casa Miani-“Sto. Nino”, founded by St. Jerome Emiliani,  is a home for orphans, neglected, abandoned, school dropout, physically abused children and those in high risk situations, who, because of pitiful circumstances are deprived of their rights and possibility of a proper, harmonious development. The Somascan fathers, supported by sponsors, benefactors and commited volunteers work together for the welfare of the children. The Staff of Casa Miani continued to keep the values and beliefs of St. Jerome Emiliani very much intact at the Home for Boys. 
         Casa Miani – “Sto. Nino” started in 1995. It began with two boys referred by the Somascan Sisters. As time continued, more and more children found their way into the home of Casa Miani, as well as, staff and volunteers. Now, there is enough space for thirty children ages 7-18.